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Our most important aim is to empower companies in work perspective, and how to master a sense of work-day calm.

 We are a  team of specialists who focus on personal efficiency / effectiveness and time-optimization in small and large companies. Our approach is based on open communication and practical implementation. The content is adapted to the individual company, but with a focus on good habits in relation to personal efficiency / effectiveness.

In collaboration with our customers, we offer customized courses and lectures, both internal and external.

What makes us extraordinary is that we reveal to you the full potential within the email and calendar systems you already use.

Systems such as Outlook, Lotus Notes and OneNote have many features that can help you in your work-life. We will show you how to harness these features to achieve a more effective and efficient work-day.

Our course contains a combination of theory and practice, and you will get started using the tools in no time. In order to ensure long-lasting changes (competence-development and behavioural-change) amongst the participants, we also offer a follow-up service. We find that this significantly increases the value of the course!

We are based in Herning ,in the Central Jutland Region, but have customers and partners throughout Denmark. We offer courses in both Danish and English.

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Mette Bundgaard

Mette is a skilled and very committed teacher and lecturer and focuses on both people and companies when it comes to optimization, personal efficiency and planning.

As a person, Mette is structured and efficient. She always has a plan and she adheres to it strictly.

Where Mette especially differs from other teachers is that she has a rare ability to understand the challenges of others. She is not afraid to challenge the students on their habits, and she therefore achieves extremely good results in getting people to do something different than they would usually do.

Together with her colleague Jean Hausgaard-Olesen, she co-authored the book “An Easier Work-day“ in 2017.

Jean Hausgaard

Jean is a passionate lecturer and teacher, and is co-author of the book “An Easier Work-day”.

Her forte is that she is really passionate about creating a positive change in her students and will do anything to motivate them towards their goals.

She is efficient and structured. Since 2004, Jean has worked with optimization and implementation of new work procedures, as well as teaching the use of various IT systems.

As a teacher, Jean is driven to create an easier work-day for her students, with simple tools that free up more time and energy.

She has previous professional experience with customer service, sales, purchasing, management, project management etc.

One student describes Jean as: “A teacher who knows how to gauge each student’s level, and meet them where they are. Can highly recommend her as a teacher.”

See what others are saying about us

Mette Hedegaard Pedersen
/ Jørgen Friis Poulsen A/S
I wasn’t aware of just how much time and energy I was using on remembering everything in my head, but when I had things properly setup in my Calendar & Tasks, it soon became clear. Everything was then remembered ‘for me’ and I have won back a clearer perspective and more time as a result, since I no longer need to check up on when/how far I’ve come with a task now that I’ve got it under control.
Birgitte Stilhoff Müller
/ SIKA Footwear
Using simple steps, you can save time, increase efficiency and create faster results in your work-day. We deal with huge amounts of information everyday, whilst striving to increase productivity at the same time. This creates a challenge for us, and a good place to start is to improve the way that emails are managed. Many ‘light bulb moments’ came out of the course by Time Consult - Jean Hausgaard-Olesen - WIN TIME- CREATE PERSPECTIVE
Mogens Kjærsgaard
/ Aunetto A/S
I thought it was a good course - Jean and Mette are certainly good at explaining the material in a useful way. If I was to highlight something specific, I would say that the information and support to set up the many ‘smart functions’ in Outlook (which I was unaware of) was the biggest takeaway for me. I now save almost an hour a day using these techniques.
Pernille Leth
/ Connect Accessories
Super cool course! Since I’m new in my position, and don’t yet have the ‘overflowing mailbox’ dilema as others do, I nevertheless have taken away a lot of good practices that will ensure calm and perspective with Outlook.
/ Direktionsassistent, ID
Time Consult ran the course WIN TIME- CREATE PERSPECTIVE in our department. The result has been a marked improvement in both the quality and effectiveness of internal communication via email. Each individual has been given the tools to plan their work-day more effectively. This allows them to immerse themselves in the task at hand, and plan their work-day so they’re ahead of the game instead of fire-fighting.