Outlook Webinar

Outlook webinar

Effective tips that can be used straight away.

Could Outlook help you in your work-day?

Outlook can help you much more than you think, and save you time every day.

This webinar will demonstrate smart functions in Outlook that are guaranteed to make your work-life easier.

The takeaway:

Duration: 45 minutes.

The webinar can be customized in content and length, depending on job function / business requirement.

‘You will be surprised just how much Outlook can do, and you’ll feel empowered to explore Outlook’s many functionalities yourself. You will no longer think “that can’t be done” when you have an idea for something that could make your work more effective in Outlook.’
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Jean Hausgaard

Jean is a passionate teacher, lecturer and Outlook and OneNote expert. Her forte is her enthusiasm for creating a positive change for students, and doing everything to motivate them to achieve their goals.

Jean is both efficient and structured. She has worked with the optimization and implementation of new work procedures, as well as teaching the use of various IT systems since 2004.

As a teacher, Jean is very focused on how to create an easier work-day using simple tools – thus adding value, while providing ‘time serenity’.

One student describes Jean as: “A teacher who knows how to gauge each student’s level, and meet them where they are. Can highly recommend her as a teacher”.

Jean is also the author of the book ‘An Easier Work-Day’.