- the 'Undiscovered gold in the Office suite

Imagine a project, a task or something similar, where you need to discover what the topic is about from hand-written notes, post-it notes, in emails, in Word documents, as pictures and many other places.

It can be difficult to keep tabs on it all. This is where OneNote comes into play as the ‘undiscovered gold’, or ‘unsung hero’.

A fantastic tool to manage things, both individually and in groups.

What is OneNote?

OneNote is a digital notebook where you can flexibly, easily and effectively store the notes, pictures, emails, Minutes of Meetings (MoMs) that all belong to a specific topic/project/case/meeting, all in one place. OneNote is accessible by PC, mobile and tablet and it’s therefore easy to transfer content to the notebook, even when you are away from your desk. OneNote can be used advantageously to structure projects, manuals, meetings, customer information, arrangements/events, and so much more.

What we provide in a OneNote course:

You can use OneNote to:

The OneNote course has been a great help for me to structure and expand the way I use OneNote. I used it already, but I was self-taught, and this course has opened my eyes to many smart functions and ways to create structure in OneNote. This makes it even easier to keep track of my notes, MoMs and to-do lists. A great course that gives great insight into the many possibilities and functions of OneNote.
Marie Louise Bisgaard
Customer Supporter | Kvik

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